Our Advanced Mental Health Training


Our advanced training institution consists of a multi-disciplinary team of youth specialized psychiatrists, psychologists, therapists, associates, students, trainees and more. Our mission is to provide the highest quality material in a professional environment and in an engaging manner. 

Our training institution supports integrated mental health care by training mental health students, clinicians, and professionals in evidence-based mental health treatment and prevention practices. Training is targeted not only to the clinician, but to all staff members and the entire system of care. 

BACA is an academic institution that has its own institutional review board (IRB) and is the only mental health clinic that has regularly published data on their real-world outcomes. 

Our training also provides intensive research and training fellowships, internships, and practicum placements aimed at developing psychiatry, psychology, marriage and family therapy, and social work professionals who will embody the principles of Bay Area Clinical Associates.

All of our clinicians who are not fully-trained are paired with an experienced supervisor, who oversees all of their clinical work. BACA stands behind the quality of our trainees and it is our mission to provide the best training for the next generation of mental health professionals.

We’re affiliated with top institutions:

We are a team of psychiatrists, psychologists, therapists, social workers, counselors and mental health clinicans that are helping youth and young adults realize their potential.