Our Mission

Our Mission: We’re Fierce Advocates for Our Patients


To be the premier organization of choice, providing mental health treatment in the communities we serve.


To provide intensive mental health care to young people and their families.


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Employer of Choice

We foster a diverse culture of mutual respect, inclusion, collaboration, and creativity that recognizes and values the contribution of every team member.

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Clinical Standards

We ensure exceptional, compassionate patient care by recruiting a world-class, multidisciplinary clinical team to design and deliver services in a practice environment that promotes collaboration, research, and continuous learning.

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Patients and Families First

We make effective and supportive patient/family experiences our foremost priority.

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Operational Excellence

From first call to admission, throughout the patient journey, we support the teen and young adult treatment experience while helping families navigate the complexities of the healthcare environment.

What Sets BACA Apart?

Genuine human connection. Unconditional acceptance. A stable, supportive, caring environment.

Your safe space.


We honor you, your journey, and what you bring to our treatment community. We start by recognizing your fundamental value as a human being. Many people with mental health challenges lose their sense of self-worth, value, and self-esteem over time. When you choose BACA, we start with respect. We affirm your position as an equal, call you by your name, and listen to your story.

We learn from you, and you become part of our family.

We stand by you on your path to lifelong healing.

A Truly Holistic Approach.

Evidence-based therapeutic modalities are the foundation of your individualized programs at BACA. Healthy, life-affirming techniques and skills are the core of your daily treatment activities. Group counseling sessions, individual therapy, and experiential modalities guide you to a new understanding of how you can manage your mental health disorder. It takes practice, but that’s what you do every day: practice the skills you need to reach stability.

Committed to Healing Our Community

Our position as a leader in the Bay Area adolescent mental health community is unparalleled. Our psychiatrists, therapists, and counselors received specialized training in adolescent mental health at some of the most well-respected and renowned teaching institutions in the world. They’re authors and advocates who can pick and choose where they work – and they choose BACA. They’re on our team – and that means they’re on your team, too.