Intake and Assessment

Accurate Diagnosis: 

Right Treatment / Right Program

Matching patients with the appropriate level of care, treatment plan, and providers creates a better chance at successful treatment. At BACA, we take the time to make sure we’re the right fit for your personal needs and perspective.

Our Admissions Process

At BACA, we know finding the best available treatment can be difficult. Our friendly and knowledgeable admissions teams help you navigate through the process.

We understand it can be overwhelming and confusing and during most calls,

you want to either hang up or give up. That’s not how your first conversation with us will go.

Our goal is to make the process as supportive and educational as possible and reduce the anxiety the search causes. When you call BACA, you’ll talk to a seasoned admissions counselor who’ll walk you through our process in a compassionate, supportive manner.  Our goal is to ensure you understand what to expect each step of the way. We answer any and all of your questions so that you have confidence in your decision to receive services at BACA.

Biological, Psychological, Social: All of the Above

Your medical history matters to us and has an impact on your treatment. Your current and past emotional circumstances, experiences, and challenges matter to us and have an impact on your treatment. Your family and social life – home, school, extracurriculars, friends – matter to us and have an impact on your treatment.

Everything about you matters to us – and helps us learn how we can best help you get from where you are to where you want to be.

How it Works: Your First Call

During your first call with BACA:

  • Our representative takes the time to listen to you, understand what’s happening, and learn how we can best support you. The Information you provide helps determine which level of care is the best match for you.
  • You’ll have time to ask questions, learn more about the services we offer, and hear everything there is to know about the services you should consider, based on the level of care that’s most appropriate for your diagnosis, history, and current circumstances.
  • We gather your insurance information, verify your insurance benefits, and give you a cost estimate so you have a clear understanding of your potential financial commitment.

If you and our admissions counselor determine you’re a good fit for BACA, and you’re interested in proceeding with treatment, we will want to collaborate with your other providers in order to have a clear clinical picture from day one. If applicable, we may need to gather records related to records such as:

  • Hospital records
  • Educational/psychological testing
  • Records from other treatment providers

Outpatient (OP) patients can schedule their first appointment with a BACA intake advisor during the first call.

IOP patients will complete an additional over-the-phone screening session, during which we gather additional details about treatment history, medical issues, and other important facts about you that your clinicians need to know.

How it Works: Intake

After the initial screening, we give you a time and date for a more thorough clinical assessment. On the day of admission, you meet with a therapist and they conduct a deeper assessment to confirm the information in the screening and give you an opportunity to ask any further questions before attending your first IOP session. If during this meeting we determine the client is not appropriate or needs a higher level of care, we can provide a referral to providers who offer the appropriate level of treatment and support.

The BACA Promise

Admission to BACA is the beginning of a partnership between parents, patients, and our treatment team. We work together toward a common goal: the best interests of the potential patient. We promise to stick with you and do our best to eliminate any confusion or misunderstanding. We educate you about the details of insurance and/or private payment process, then start the admissions process we describe above, and set you or your loved on up for a smooth transition into treatment. If we’re not the right program for your family, we’ll give you referrals to programs we think are right. We give every family we speak to a next step, whether it’s with us at BACA, or with another program or provider.

Take Your First Step:

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