Who We Are

BACA: Supporting the Mental Health Needs of Adolescents and Young Adults in the San Francisco Bay Area

Real Treatment, Real People, Real Results

We’re a group of experienced, compassionate, and committed mental health professionals who help children, teens, and young adults with mental health and behavioral disorders learn, grow, heal, and become the best possible version of themselves.

Rediscover. Redefine. Rebuild.

At Bay Area Clinical Associates, we offer evidence-based treatment and support with one primary goal: lifelong health and wellbeing. Our teens and young adults learn to manage the symptoms of mental health and/or behavioral disorders with the practical coping skills they need to live, experience, and move through the world with hope and confidence.

We encourage our patients to look inside, meet their true selves, recognize their value, importance, and place in the world, and decide who they want to be.

That means something different for everyone.  But no matter who you are, regardless of your diagnosis and treatment history, we help you find your purpose and teach you how to put that purpose into action in your life.

Healing is a Verb.

The process of healing is about change. When you engage in healing and treatment for a mental health disorder, the process is about creating proactive, self-directed change. You change the way you think. You change the way you act. You change the way you interact with and treat the people around you. You change the way you think about and treat yourself. At BACA, you learn skills to make these changes last. You learn to make these changes work when you step down through our levels of care – but you don’t do it alone.

The Journey to a New You.

You tell us where you want to go. We show you how to get there. Our community of empathetic, compassionate psychiatrists, counselors, and therapists teach you that healing is a process that starts with your desire to change and continues for a lifetime. We create a warm, loving, caring environment where you feel safe, secure, empowered, and ready to take those first steps toward a new beginning.

We help you start a journey – and define a path – that leads to the life you want to live and the person you want to be.