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Referrals: Educators and Schools

School counselors, teachers, coaches, support staff, and administrators are often the first people to see and understand the meaning of child or adolescent behavior. If you’re an educator or school professional, your ability to recognize when a kid is in trouble is essential – and we value both your unique position and valuable insight.

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You might be the first person who connects the dots and realizes a child or adolescent needs treatment – or an assessment – for a mental health or behavioral disorder.

Partnering With Schools to Help Kids in Need

We’re committed to establishing productive partnerships with schools and work to raise awareness about the mental health challenges our children and teens face. This collaborative approach enables us to extend our reach and create positive change for families in the Bay Area.

We encourage you to reach out to our Admissions team at (844) 560-5616 for further insights into how BACA can help your students. We deeply appreciate the valuable contributions you make to the community and thank you for considering BACA.

How to Refer a Student

Fill out our short form and our Outreach and Referral Coordinator will get in touch as soon as possible.

Marian Ross

Outreach Director

For over thirty-three years Marian Ross has been an advocate for recovery and treatment. Her involvement in the behavioral healthcare field started over twenty years ago. She has worked for some of the most respected behavioral health care companies in the nation. Marian brings a wealth of knowledge and diversity having performed many roles, and in doing so, has earned several awards for her performance.

Marian Ross photo

Marian has been instrumental in designing systems to improve the access to treatment, has been an avid spokesperson for recovery, and has organized numerous community events to educate and promote treatment. She has experience working with adolescents, adults, and families. Marian’s passion for the behavioral health field, and her empathy, warmth, and excellent communications skills allow her to relate to community groups and most importantly the families she serves.

Contact Marian directly at for assistance.