From Hospitals

Patient Referrals for Hospitals

At BACA, we regularly admit patients directly from the hospital. Whether they’re dealing with issues like suicidality, self-injury, psychosis, overdose, or any other critical mental or behavioral health crisis, BACA is committed to a seamless and efficient admission process.

How to Refer a Patient

When making a patient referral from the hospital, please follow the steps outlined below.

Step 1: Send a Clinical Packet via Fax

Fax number: 408-478-9387

Please send the patient’s Clinical Packet to BACA via the fax number above. The packet should include the following documents:

  • Cover Sheet
  • Primary Parent Contact Information
  • Anticipated Discharge Date
  • Insurance Information
  • Initial Psychiatric Evaluation
  • Progress Notes
  • History and Physical
  • MARS
  • Lab Work
  • Vitals/CIWA/COWS
  • Current Level of Care
  • Recommended Level of Care

Step 2: Communication

When BACA receives a Clinical Packet, a member of the Admissions Team will reach out to the Case Manager to confirm receipt of the fax and to exchange contact information and ask follow-up questions.

Step 3: Sustain Communication

The BACA Admissions representative will maintain ongoing communication with the hospital Case Manager and will update them with any relevant information and stay in communication through discharge.

We appreciate your referral!

Please feel free to contact the Director of Admissions at any time:

Call 669-225-7741