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June is LGBTQ+ Pride Month: A List of ALL the Parades

June is LGBTQ+ Pride Month in the U.S. which means it’s time for parades!

It’s a big year, and a big deal. It’s the 55th anniversary of the Stonewall Riots in June of 1969, which sparked the Gay Pride Movement as we know it, and this is also the 54th anniversary of the first Gay Pride marches, which took place in New York, Los Angeles, Atlanta, and Chicago on June 28th, 1970, one year after the Stonewall Riots.

To learn more about the Stonewall Riots, read this research guide form the Library of Congress:

1969: The Stonewall Uprising

Since those first parades, held to memorialize the events of June 1969, Gay Pride has grown into a month-long series of events and celebrations that highlight diversity and advocate for equal rights for the entire LGBTQ+ community.

If you’re the parent of a teen who identifies as a member of LGBTQ+ and wants to participate in Pride Month, you can support them by accompanying them to a Pride Parade. Don’t worry: if you’re not in New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, or another major city with significant LGBTQ+ population, you can still find a Pride Festival, and they’ll have a parade.

Pride Festivals and Parades Nationwide: May-June 2024

(From Pride.com)

  1. Long Beach Pride, Long Beach, CA: May 18-19
  2. MidSouth Pride, Memphis, TN: May 2-June 2
  3. Gay Days at Disney World, Orlando, FL: May 30-June 3
  4. Provincetown Pride, Provincetown MA: May 31-June 2
  5. WeHo Pride Weekend, West Hollywood, CA: June 1-2
  6. Dallas Pride, Dallas, TX: June 1-2
  7. Utah Pride Festival, Salt Lake City, UT: June 1-2
  8. Seattle Pride, Seattle, WA: June 1-June 30
  9. Philly Pride, Philadelphia, PA: June 2)
  10. Central Alabama Pride, Birmingham, AL: June 4-12
  11. Key West Pride, Key West, FL: June 5-9
  12. Capitol Pride, Washington, DC: June 7-8
  13. New Orleans Black Pride Weekend, New Orleans, LA: June 7-9
  14. NOLA Pride, New Orleans, LA: June 7-9
  15. Boston Pride for the People, Boston, MA: June 8
  16. Boston Black Pride, Boston, MA: July 4-8
  17. LA Pride, Los Angeles, CA: June 8-9
  18. LA Black Pride, Los Angeles, CA: July 4-7
  19. Minnesota POC LGBTQ+ Pride, Minneapolis, MN: June 9
  20. Baltimore Pride, Baltimore, MD: June 10-16
  21. Stonewall Columbus Pride, Columbus, OH: June 14-15
  22. Cincinnati Pride, Cincinnati, OH: June 22
  23. Nashville Pride, Nashville, TN: June 22-23
  24. Denver Pride, Denver, CO: June 22-23
  25. Chicago Pride, Chicago, IL: June 22, 23 & 30
  26. Harlem Pride, Harlem, NYC: June 29
  27. Upstate Pride South Carolina, Black Pride Unity March & Festival, Greenville, SC: June 29
  28. Anchorage Pride Fest, Anchorage, AK: June 29
  29. Twin Cities Pride, Minneapolis and St. Paul, MN: June 28-30)
  30. San Francisco Pride, San Franciso, CA: June 29-30
  31. New York Pride, New York City, NY: June 30
Pride is Everywhere!

From Louisiana to Atlanta, New York to West Hollywood, there’s a Pride Fest and Parade for you and your LGBTQ+ teen. If you go to Pride with your teen, they’ll sincerely appreciate it (if they allow you to accompany them in public at all), and it’s a great way to show you support them one hundred percent.

Since you’ve committed to supporting your LGBTQ+ teen (by taking them to a gay pride parade) you can also support them by reviewing the online resources we offer in the section below.

Resources For LGBTQ+ Teens and Families

The list below was compiled by The Trevor Project and published online in “The Coming Out Handbook.

Resources to help understand the concept of gender:

Support for issues related to discrimination and legal rights:

Mental Health Support for LGBTQ+ people/Crisis Hotline:

LGBTQ+ Resources Designed to Help Families:

Resource for Trans Youth:

Resources for Faith, Communities, and Coming Out Support: