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Current Demand

2014 Total: 197

Week of January 20th:
Appointment Requests: 21

Week of January 27th:
Appointment Requests: 15

Week of February 3rd:
Appointment Requests: 22

Week of February 10th:
Appointment Requests: 23

Week of February 17th:
Appointment Requests: 15

Week of February 24th:
Appointment Requests: 19

Week of March 3rd:
Appointment Requests: 11

Week of March 10th:
Appointment Requests: 30

Week of March 17th:
Appointment Requests: 20

Week of March 24th:
Appointment Requests: 25

Available Appointments: ZERO

Child age 7-11? Spots Available in Latency IOP
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Interested in Using Minecraft™ to Address Social Skills in Your Child or Patient?

A group of BACA clinicians have teamed up to create Tech Therapy, a company separate from BACA, that works on addressing social skills in children and teens while using the popular computer game, Minecraft™. If you are a clinician interested in learning how to apply Minecraft™ in a therapeutic setting, please fill out the clinician interest form here. If you are a parent interested in getting your child and/or teen enrolled in the program, please fill out the appointment request form  here. Programs will start on Monday, May 5th! Visit www.techtherapy.org  for more information!


Is Your Child and/or Teen Not Attending School? BACA’s New IOP Program May Be For You!

Is your child and/or teen not attending school? Are you looking for a structured environment for your child and/or teen to do their homework in a therapeutic setting? BACA is now offering a morning IOP for both pre-puberty and post-puberty patients in addition to our afternoon IOP.


We Need Your Support

BACA is fighting to help families – but we need your help! Read more by clicking here.


BACA is  grateful to FitBit for donating supplies for a study on exercise and mental health!